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-Second oldest English medium school in Goa,founded by the late Principal Anacleto F.X.Lobo.
-Commitment to all-round development of the student character, values academic achievements, mental and manual skills, physical and mental manual skills, physical and mental health and well-being.
-Pioneer in Goa in Scouting/Guiding ; Junior Red Cross
-Front-runner in Cultural activities, Creative Writing, Art, Craft, Dance, Music, Drama, Environmental activities.
-Emphasis on developing the creative ability in the the student.
-Talent Education.
-Education through computer.

-A high quality education which meets global needs and the needs of tomorrow.
-The Concept of excellence.
-The Concept of obsolescence.
-Students of Mater Dei have more than the average student.
-Personality plus by way of poise, appearance, good manners, habits, social graces. Special skills, e.g. Public speaking, Organizing abilities, Dramatics, Creative Writing, Drawing & Painting, Generating Wealth from waste, Craft.
-General knowledge e.g. Science, World affairs, History, Culture, Languages.
-Computerese (Familiarity with the computer).
-Mechanical automation skills e.g. Fixing things, Repairing, etc.
-Needle Work for girls.

 -Personal abilities e.g. Cooking, Yoga, Swimming, First-Aid, Gadget-making, Aesthetics, Singing, Dancing, Creative activities, Karate, Sports & Games - knowledge and skills (football, badminton, table tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, basketball).
-Environment awareness through education excursions, nature rambles, hikes, environment games as thrust areas through various subjects ; Conservation projects.