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Dear Parents,

In the 21st century where countries need visionary leaders and multi-skilled workers in a wide range of occupations, education based on stimulating, multiple intelligences best equips students for the contemporary multi-tasking world.
We need to understand the way learning occurs, find ways of creating conducive conditions for learning and creativity, reduce stress, accommodate differences among students in respect of pace and style of learning, view learners as active participating individuals, and understand that student capabilities are not fixed but capable of developing through experiences.
These, indeed, are the objectives we are striving to attain – even though sometimes against heavy odds – and to this end various activities year- long are subtly woven in the day – to – day school programme.
The highlights of the many and varied activities held in the course of the year, in public speaking, oratory, elocution, dance, drama, choral-singing, socially useful productive work, wealth from waste, Art, craft, Project work by way of static and working models, subjectwise Assignments, training in life skills and in leadership, were showcased on the occasion of our annual 'OPEN EVENING' which included an Exhibition of Class Projects, Art, Craft themewise Wealth from Waste, and the Prize Distribution held on 2nd April ’17 at which Dr. Luis Dias, physician, musician, writer and founder of Child’s Play(India) Foundation was the Chief Guest and Mr. Victor Rangel Ribeiro, eminent writer author-editor and past pupil of the school, the Guest of Honour. Mrs. Chryselle Dias gave away the Prizes/Certificates won at school, state, national and international levels.

  • » Some of the annual features with due modifications/variations yearly were:-
  • ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDATION DAY of the School on the 12th of July celebrated with an All-Faith Prayer Meet; with the school choir in attendance, a Social Gathering comprising an entertainment programme interspersed with party games and refreshments.
  • I- DAY & R-DAY celebs. On 15th Aug., & 26th Jan. resptly.:- Flag salutation ceremony, Extempore speeches; Classwise Drills and National Integration Songs. This year , the Drills comprised the Coconut shell drill, the Dumbell drill, Aerobics( all in different formations) and the Balloon drill.
  • VANAMAHOTSAVA: Scrap - book, environmental actvs. at the Assembly; Class Projects on Environmental Awareness & Conservation, herbarium etc.
  • CREATIVITY DAY: - The Principal’s birthday was celebrated with joy and enthusiasm by the students, with creative items.
  • GANDHI JAYANTI on 2nd Oct. This year, an inter-class creative Poster Competition on Gandhiji saw Std. X winning the 1st place.
  • Talks/celebrations on major festivals -Christmas; Diwali; ID;
  • EXTEMPORE TALKS on current affairs/topical interest.

    1. To the Aldona Home for Senior Citizens on Founder’s Day. A group of students accompanied by the Principal, entertained and interacted with the inmates with music & song, and sing – alongs and distributed cheer cards made in their Art class, and refreshments. The participants were Ali Arsiwala, Andrea Rebello, Aaron Braz Montiero, Honey Thakur, Eden Fernandes.

    2. X’mas visit to children of construction workers in Porvorim. The Mater Dei visiting group comprising some senior students, accompanied by the Principal and a teacher, gave a talk on personal hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation, causes of some diseases common to them like malaria and how to prevent the same, with the aid of attractive charts prepared by them, to a sizable group of children and their parents who avidly participated in the interactive session which was a great success. This was followed by fun games with an objective and distribution of useful articles and sweets. The participants were Andrea Rebello, Honey Thakur, Aaron Braz Montiero, Pearl Fernandes, Kuldeep Deshbandari, Eden Fernandes and Ms. Nivedita Mandrekar.

  • SCHOOL X’MAS PROGRAMME included Class decorations as S.U.P.W., in which Stds. X and VIII stood 1st, 2nd resptly.
  • Four EDUCATIONAL EXCURSIONS for the different sections of the school are held annually. This year owing to unavoidable circumstances the same could not be held.
  • Nature Rambles for mainly Jr. pupils
  • View points/Mini debates mainly on subjects of topical interest, for senior students.
  • SCOUT -GUIDE THINKING DAY: In the 12 after- school 2 – hour well – attended Meetings, the scouts & guides are trained by the Principal, get acquainted with the Law & Promise, and contest patrolwise in First Aid, knots, tracking sings, thrift exercises, patrol corners, gadget- making and other ‘Be Prepared’ activities, 'Thinking Day' on 22nd of Feb, is also observed befittingly.
  • The ceremonial Passing - Out Parade of Std. X; and Passing Down the Torch ceremony and Send-off by the school was held.
  • THE MATER DEI CARNIVAL FIESTA an annual feature of the school, had 40 students participating in the Fancy Dress this year. 20 students in the Sr. Category and 20 students in the Jr. Category.The themes were folk dancers from any Country or State of India for the Sr. Category and for the Jr. Category, themes from Nature. Sr. Category:- Ria Shirodkar as a Brazilian Samba Dancer – 1st Prize; Pearl Fernandes as an Italian Folk dancer – 2nd Prize and Keenan Coutinho as a Troubadour 3rd Prize. Jenin Nathan as Hungarian Gypsy and Hikari Tanaka as a Chinese dancer deserved Honorable Mention. In the Jr. Category :- Saumya Mishra as a Coconut Tree – 1st Prize, Sharvari Burodkar as Earth – 2nd Prize and Azaan Sultan as a Tree – 3rd Prize.Dr. Eidelweiss DeSa and Prof. Ingrid DeSa were the Judges.
    The Carnival Fiesta, a mini fund-raiser was a great success, also, in terms of fun, camaredarie & fellowship, thanks to the co-operation of the parents, particularly the P.T.A Carnival Fiesta Core Committee ’16-17 comprising Ms. Farah Arsiwala, Dr. Sevla Coutinho, Ms Sancha D’Costa, Ms. Nelly Crasto, Ms. Parveen Farooqui amd Ms. Fleuret D’Souza.
    A big Thank you to them !
  • Earth Day was joyously celebrated by Stds. K.G. I & II with a lively, interactive session on 'Our Earth' by 3 senior students Andrea, Honey and Eden. This year Azaan Sultaan Std. I as a Rabbit came 1st and Enrica D’Costa Std. I as a Tiger , Abhinav Ghosal Std. II as the Sun and Eshani Naik Std. II as a Penguin, all won 2nd Place.
  • GOOD NEWS CARDS are sent home with those children when something they have done deserve positive reinforcement.
  • COURTESY WEEK, an annual feature, teaches good manners in School, on the playground, at table, at home, in places of worship, are talked about, discussed and play-acted, rounding off the Week with a quiz. This year owing to exigencies of time, the same could not be held.


  • Mater Dei Institution has been ranked among the Top 1000 Day Schools in India( from amongst India’s 1.4million Primary/ Secondary Schools scattered countrywide), by ‘Education World’ – A premier educational magazine in the country-- based on various parameters of educational excellence like Leadership, training in Life Skills, Co-curricular activities, Academic performance, Sports education etc. We may state, in all modesty, that we have been figuring among the Top 1000 schools in India for the past five years, our best ranking, so far, having been 70th.
  • At the Public Examination of the ICSE, as usual, we have achieved cent per cent results, with students securing Distinction and First class.
  • In the school Athletic Meet held in March’16 which comprised various athletic items interspersed with folk dances , Master Ali Arsiwala won the trophy for the Best Sportsman of the year.
  • June- Yoga Day was observed with various Asanas conducted by Ms. Pratiksha Trivedi, an ex- teacher and Mr. Amey Naique our P.E teacher.
  • Aug- In the inter-class Reading – cum- Comprehension contest, Pearl Fernandeas Std. IX and Aarohi Girap Std. IV came 1st in the Sr. and Jr. categories resptly.
  • Sept – In the inter-House/ class Science Quiz, Tashon Braganza of Std. VII and the Green House scored the highest number of points.
  • Our school participates regularly in the national and international competitions for middle and Sr. School students, conducted by City Montessori School, Lucknow and acquit themselves well in Creative Writing, Painting, Collage, Calligraphy , Photography etc. This year, the participants were Aaron Braz Monteiro - Photography; Pearl Fernandes, Aastha Girap and Reia D’Souza - Poster-Painting; Andrea Rebello, Eden Fernandes and Alliyah Fernandes - Card-making. Pearl Fernandes won the 2nd Place in Poster-Making the theme being ‘Summer Holidays’ and was awarded a Silver medal.
  • A movie 'Cinderella' was screened after which its value content was discussed. The children enjoyed the same.
  • At of the International Assessments Tests for Indian schools conducted by the Educational Testing Centre of New South Wales and its co-ordinator Macmillan India Ltd. – 35 of our students appeared in English; 36 in Science; 29 in Maths & 15 in Digital Technology.
    The outstanding achievement came from:-

    English : Distinction :- Keenan Coutinho
    Credit: - Aaron Braz Monteiro, Ali Arsiwala, Eden Fernandes – Std X.
    Pearl D’Souza – IX; Tashon Braganza – VII; Reia D’Souza, Ria Shirodkar,
    Melster Silveira – VI; Tawon Braganza, Devdeep Deshbandari, Deanne
    Fernandes, Shivam Kumar – V; Nicole Fernandes, Nayana Nair – III;

    Science : Credit :- Alliyah Fernandes, Pearl D’Souza – IX; Keenan Coutinho, Fiona Crastro, Ria Shirodkar – VI; Sanika Alornekar – V.

    Mathematics : Credit:- Aaron Braz Monteiro – X; Shaan Shirodkar – VIII; Keenan Coutinho – VI; Sanika Alornekar, Tawon Braganza – V

    Digital Technology: Credit: - Keenan Coutinho, Reia D’Souza –VI, Sanika Alornekar – V.

  • Oct – Spelling –Bee; The Green House wins again
  • Nov – All-India Hope Talent Contest organised by SCHOOLSINDIA, Chennai in Art and Essay Writing. The following were declared winners :-

    ART :- Kanti Nagvekar Std – I Cash Prize and Gold Medal;
    Silver Medals awardees: - Eden Fernandes – X; Jayharsh Singh - IV; Bhoomika Dhiman -III
    Bronze Medals :- Trupti Patil – VII, Devdeep Deshbandari – V;

    ESSAY :- Bronze Medals:- Pearl D’Souza – IX, Anchal Gusain – VI, Sanika Alornekar , Shivam Kumar – V.

  • In the INTER-SCHOOL ATHLETIC MEET(BARDEZ LEVEL) our school participated in Running, 100, 200,and 400mtrs, Discus throw, Javelin throw, Gymnastics and Shot Put. Shaan Shirodkar VIII won 2nd place in Discus throw. Aditya Tiwari VI qualified for the Nationals in Gymnastics.
  • Jan – TALENT TIME where children showcase individual talents like singing, playing a musical instrument, ventriloquism, juggling, cartwheels, dance etc. – Ali ArsiwalaOratory; Samuel Stones Monologue; Hikari Tanaka and Pearl D’SouzaDuet in song; KalandarBreak Dance; Anshika Thakur; Kanti NagvekarPop dance; Ammana KhanBallet were outstanding.
  • Feb – GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ: - Tawon Braganza of class V scored the highest number of points and was declared winner.

And now it is my pleasant duty to say a big ‘Thank You and God Bless’ to the out going students of Std X who have so thoughtfully gifted the school with a beautiful Sound System!
We also wish to thank all those parents who have been supportive in however a small manner, and who been appreciative of our efforts.
We do hope you and yours have a happy and a fruitful holiday!



  • Owing to rising costs, we are compelled to increase the tuition fee to Rs. 2000/-(Two thousand only) p.m w.e.f June 2017.
  • All book deposits and Initial fees if not already settled, may kindly be paid within one week after the declaration of Results, to facilitate timely receipt of books.
  • School re-opens, after the summer vacation, on Monday 12th June’17.


Mater Dei Inst.,
2nd April’2017 

(Ms. C. H. Lobo)