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MATER DEI ranks 2nd in Goa
1 Mater Dei Institution, a premier education institution in the state of Goa. is a private, co-education school managed by the Anacleto F.X. Lobo Memorial Education Foundation Trust.
Founded in 1909, to-day
Mater Dei Institution, has become synonymous with quality education and has opened its doors to people from all over the globe, irrespective of racial or ethnic differences.
Fuelled by the desire to develop the best that is latent in children, Mater Dei prepares them for the challenges of the changing world by encouraging self-discipline, a value system, and analytical thinking, problem-solving, research skills, intellectual achievements and physical fitness. With a teacher-student ratio of 1:10 and no class having more than 30 students, the school ensures personal attention at all levels.
Mater Dei maintains a proud record in public examinations with cent percent results and the students scoring distinction and first class. Study habits are fostered and every student encouraged to reach his academic potential.
Though we aim for academic excellence, Mater Dei is not an academic hot-house. We focus more on creativity, creative and critical thinking and molding the personality and individual strengths of a student to make him or her a confident citizen of the world.
Mater Dei we work on the strengths, so as to help students overcome their weaknesses. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are serious business at the school. All students are encouraged to train and participate in C.C., E.C., sports and literary activities organized in the school, and for which the students are trained.
The aptitudes of the shy and the reticent are identified and they are persuaded to come out at Talent Time to enable them to discover their potential and to develop self-esteem and confidence and help in their all-round growth.
Besides, a spirit of composite culture is fostered by promoting interaction with children of different countries and nationalities through various programs like the Scout/Guide Thinking Day program when each patrol depicts a different country by way of food, costumes, information, folk dance, National songs, games etc.
Through the Junior Red Cross in school, students are taught First Aid. Values of caring and sharing are imbued in the pupils through biannual visits to Orphanages, Homes for the Aged, hospitals and prisons.
Open Evening held at the end of the academic year showcases the creative exercises by way of project work in Science and other subjects, through working models and static models, Oratory, Drama, Creative and Classical dance etc. pursued in the course of the year.